Monday, May 26, 2008

One month later...

We're overdue for an update!  
The last month has been filled with tears, spit-up, poop, Zantac, Mylicon, diapers, laundry, and naps.  Then, in one moment, every single minute was worth it.  Two weekends ago after changing yet another diaper I tickled Sophia and then playfully poked her nose.  And she SMILED!  Then she cooed.  Sure, she'd smiled before but we could never tell for sure if it was gas or a real grin.  But now it has become routine -- we sing, she smiles, we change her diaper, she smiles, we stare at ourselves in the mirror, she smiles.  If nothing else works, touching her nose guarantees that smile -- we call it her smile button.  
In other news, I (sherri) am now officially un-employed.  I worked my last days as a teacher this past week -- for now at least.  I only worked in the afternoons and completely trusted my babysitters (my mom and brother -- THANK YOU!) but it was more than enough to reinforce that I definitely want to be at home.  That said, I'm glad I went back -- I don't think I would have felt "done" otherwise.  
And now, the real reason everyone checks the blog.... new pictures!  :)