Sunday, June 29, 2008


Keith enjoys letting Sophia try new foods. She licks and makes a face and then he laughs and she smiles. Then Keith gets in trouble -- here she is licking a sour skittle.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Giggles, Wiggles, Pinches, and Squeals

Sophia is eleven weeks old today.  This morning after changing her diaper, I talked and she answered with her normal smile and coos.  Then, she giggled.  An honest-to-goodness giggle.  Not one or two little noises, but a full-out giggle.  Can't wait to hear it again! 
In other exciting developmental news, Sophia now pinches at things -- fun but painful if you're not ready for it.  My watch has been the prime target lately.  She's also squealing and "talking" much more regularly.  She still loves going outside -- we spend a lot of time playing in the shade and hanging out laundry.  
And the final sign that Sophia is growing up: she now hates being swaddled.  She used to sleep so contentedly while looking like our little burrito.  Some days she would manage to unswaddle herself, but then one morning I awoke to this:   
Not only had she un-swaddled herself, she'd turned 90 degrees in the process.  Must have been hard work to get out of that swaddle!  And ever since then, the swaddle has guaranteed a scream. Now she sleeps like this:

(Cloth diapers = kooshy butt.  Love it.)  

And a Father's Day photo, because we love Daddy.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Photo Shoot and Father's Day...

It only took about 150 pictures to come up with the three I was hoping for.  Here they are...

DAD :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Baby!

This morning was so much fun.  Sophia is becoming more and more alert and interactive.  A little after 6:15 I heard noise from her room so I got up to check on her.  She was completely free from her double swaddle (that's right -- she's our little Houdini) and talking to herself while watching the ceiling fan.  All four limbs were moving all over the place -- hands and feet up and down, waving everywhere.  She was cooing, laughing, and generally having a grand old time.  I brought her into our room where she continued until about 7:00.  
While I have no idea how long she was awake before she made noise, I got a small clue about her time spent out of her swaddle today. Most of the day, when Sophia is sleepy, she's a is a pacifier baby.  But lately, she has started searching for her hand.  As I loaded her into her carseat I noticed a small section on Sophia's thumb that looked like a blister/rubbed skin.  She's been sucking her thumb! 
Ruffle tights.  I know this one is blurry but it's so stinkin cute -- just look at from far back and that'll help.  :)