Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Big Day!

Today Sophia enjoyed a few more "firsts" in her young life.
1. Doctor's appointment -- Keith and I ran around the house getting ourselves and Sophia ready for our first scheduled "event" since her arrival. We made it out the door and to the office in plenty of time to fill out all of the paperwork. Sophia was wonderful during the appointment -- so happy and cooperative -- and she's back up to her birth weight. She's also 2 inches longer! Sophia ended up needing blood drawn due to a hospital mix-up -- I'm not looking forward to her first shots after that experience -- the entire lab now knows how strong her lungs are!
2. Shopping for KU memorabilia -- We made a stop at Kansas Sampler for KU Championship t-shirts -- yes, we're a little behind, but we've been busy. :) The baby t-shirts were pretty stinking cute -- and expensive! We ended up getting shirts for ourselves while Sophia slept through the entire experience.
3. A bath! (Yes, her cord stump fell off earlier this week but we've been procrastinating. Not fun to hear her scream because she's naked.) It actually went really, really well. She loved the warm water and cooed the entire time -- maybe it was in anticipation of wearing her Jayhawk hooded towel. After a quick baby massage, she's sleeping peacefully in her pj's.
I'm ready for bed too.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ode to Pie

Stardate 42008.2008: When I die and go to heaven this strawberry rhubarb pie made by Marilyn Wooster is what I envision as my desert after every surf and turf dinner I eat. It starts with a home-made crust...the real kind made from lard, fresh strawberries and rhubarb mixed together to form a luscious flavor that can't be duplicated. The pie is warm, and as you bring a piece towards your mouth, the aroma whiffs into your nose and the salivating begins before you can get that bite into your mouth. **stop and envision this** As the piece of pie hits your tongue, there is an explosion of flavor that just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. **stop and envision** At this time you can't help but think..."life is good". To add to the experience, a couple scoops of Blue Bell Vanilla Bean ice cream is a must. The vanilla bean gives it just enough of a vanilla kick that really puts this dessert combo at the top. This is what I'm about to enjoy in about ten minutes. I get to enjoy this two more times after tonights tasting. Deo Velente... is good.

She's growing up!

Never thought I would be a blogger, but here it goes. :)
This afternoon while changing Sophia's diaper she was doing her usual acrobatics, trying to squirm away (or at least get a foot into her dirty diaper). I did a double-take as I noticed her belly button looked different -- normal, even. She lost her stump! There it was, laying on the changing pad. *Sniff* She's growing up so fast.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Ok, this just cracks me up. I just changed I was just about done with the first diaper...she decides to do #1. So we start all over, finish up, bring her to Sherri to finish supper and not three minutes later #2 thunder comes resounding over the airwaves. Just a funny moment that cracks us up. This coupled with Joy's rainbow trout eyeball experience was about enough to make Sherri and I wet our pants along side our daughter.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

First Blog from Big Daddy Farwell

Hello! So this is my first blog entry. I feel like I need to enter a stardate say "This is Captain Farwell, stardate 41608.2008". Ok so that is a Star Trek thing...had to get the dorkyness started.

So, I'm a new dad! WOW. It is awesome...wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. The funniest pic yet, she was a "little bit" hungry :-) I couldn't resist taking this picture. Sophia is already funny, as soon as she gets done eating she just zonks out and her head flops to the side and it reminds me of the sloth character from Ice Age...with the neck stretched out and all...Sophia is much cuter and I am in no way comparing the two...just the stretched out neck LOL. Sophia is right here approving or disapproving of my comments...and she has a nice regular rhythmic pattern of hiccups.

Ok, so I'm going to see what else I can do with this blog thing.

Phog out man