Thursday, April 17, 2008

First Blog from Big Daddy Farwell

Hello! So this is my first blog entry. I feel like I need to enter a stardate say "This is Captain Farwell, stardate 41608.2008". Ok so that is a Star Trek thing...had to get the dorkyness started.

So, I'm a new dad! WOW. It is awesome...wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. The funniest pic yet, she was a "little bit" hungry :-) I couldn't resist taking this picture. Sophia is already funny, as soon as she gets done eating she just zonks out and her head flops to the side and it reminds me of the sloth character from Ice Age...with the neck stretched out and all...Sophia is much cuter and I am in no way comparing the two...just the stretched out neck LOL. Sophia is right here approving or disapproving of my comments...and she has a nice regular rhythmic pattern of hiccups.

Ok, so I'm going to see what else I can do with this blog thing.

Phog out man


EdwinsonFamily said...

That picture is HILARIOUS! She's doing well, no doubt! Welcome to blogland. I'm not too good at keeping up with it, but it still is fun. I like reading other people's more than I like writing. So, keep it coming!

Beware of the Phog said...

Yes, I love this picture. This will be Sherri and I's joint blog spot...figured it would stay updated better. How did you find out we had a blog? I'm still figuring out all this stuff! LOL

Dana said...

Good post! She's looking so great!!! Welcome to blogspot!

EdwinsonFamily said...

Facebook, my friend. Facebook.

EdwinsonFamily said...

P.S. Who knew you are an instructor at Washburn?

Beware of the Phog said...

Sherri had a good term for this picture... "milk coma" ...I like it