Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ode to Pie

Stardate 42008.2008: When I die and go to heaven this strawberry rhubarb pie made by Marilyn Wooster is what I envision as my desert after every surf and turf dinner I eat. It starts with a home-made crust...the real kind made from lard, fresh strawberries and rhubarb mixed together to form a luscious flavor that can't be duplicated. The pie is warm, and as you bring a piece towards your mouth, the aroma whiffs into your nose and the salivating begins before you can get that bite into your mouth. **stop and envision this** As the piece of pie hits your tongue, there is an explosion of flavor that just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. **stop and envision** At this time you can't help but think..."life is good". To add to the experience, a couple scoops of Blue Bell Vanilla Bean ice cream is a must. The vanilla bean gives it just enough of a vanilla kick that really puts this dessert combo at the top. This is what I'm about to enjoy in about ten minutes. I get to enjoy this two more times after tonights tasting. Deo Velente... is good.

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EdwinsonFamily said...

You've made me want some pie! Listen, this post is no good for my diet!