Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Family Vacation Part I... Little Rock and Hot Springs

We spent Fourth of July weekend visiting Keith's family at their lake house in Arkansas. The ride down was great -- Sophia was pretty happy most of the trip because she had a pacifier to play with -- something she normally only sees during naptime or bedtime. Instead of heading directly to the lake house, we spent our first night/day in Little Rock. We had big plans for lots of sight seeing -- which we ended up changing because it was too warm.

Sophia poses next to a figure at the waterfront park.

We'd hoped to see the Peabody Ducks but settled for a statue instead.

After settling in at the lake house, we headed out the next day to Hot Springs. The old-fashioned toy store was a big hit, as well as the multiple fountains, and stroller ride.

By the end of the stroller ride, Sophia fell fast asleep. We had to take a picture as an ambulance flew by with sirens blaring and Sophia didn't wake up -- or even stir -- very rare for our light sleeper!

Father's Day

It's a month late but here it is: two meltdowns, three outfit changes, and four jellybeans = one Father's Day tradition. :)