Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Big Day!

Today Sophia enjoyed a few more "firsts" in her young life.
1. Doctor's appointment -- Keith and I ran around the house getting ourselves and Sophia ready for our first scheduled "event" since her arrival. We made it out the door and to the office in plenty of time to fill out all of the paperwork. Sophia was wonderful during the appointment -- so happy and cooperative -- and she's back up to her birth weight. She's also 2 inches longer! Sophia ended up needing blood drawn due to a hospital mix-up -- I'm not looking forward to her first shots after that experience -- the entire lab now knows how strong her lungs are!
2. Shopping for KU memorabilia -- We made a stop at Kansas Sampler for KU Championship t-shirts -- yes, we're a little behind, but we've been busy. :) The baby t-shirts were pretty stinking cute -- and expensive! We ended up getting shirts for ourselves while Sophia slept through the entire experience.
3. A bath! (Yes, her cord stump fell off earlier this week but we've been procrastinating. Not fun to hear her scream because she's naked.) It actually went really, really well. She loved the warm water and cooed the entire time -- maybe it was in anticipation of wearing her Jayhawk hooded towel. After a quick baby massage, she's sleeping peacefully in her pj's.
I'm ready for bed too.

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Becca said...

Why didn't I know about this blog till just now??! How cool! You both are too funny.:) I love it--so keep blogging!