Thursday, June 26, 2008

Giggles, Wiggles, Pinches, and Squeals

Sophia is eleven weeks old today.  This morning after changing her diaper, I talked and she answered with her normal smile and coos.  Then, she giggled.  An honest-to-goodness giggle.  Not one or two little noises, but a full-out giggle.  Can't wait to hear it again! 
In other exciting developmental news, Sophia now pinches at things -- fun but painful if you're not ready for it.  My watch has been the prime target lately.  She's also squealing and "talking" much more regularly.  She still loves going outside -- we spend a lot of time playing in the shade and hanging out laundry.  
And the final sign that Sophia is growing up: she now hates being swaddled.  She used to sleep so contentedly while looking like our little burrito.  Some days she would manage to unswaddle herself, but then one morning I awoke to this:   
Not only had she un-swaddled herself, she'd turned 90 degrees in the process.  Must have been hard work to get out of that swaddle!  And ever since then, the swaddle has guaranteed a scream. Now she sleeps like this:

(Cloth diapers = kooshy butt.  Love it.)  

And a Father's Day photo, because we love Daddy.


Darren, Valerie & Skyler Tolin said...

Sherri! She's getting so big already! Your's turns 11 weeks and my is 11 months, how fun. The quilt in the background in the first picture is beautiful! Did you do that? Anyway, glad things are going so well!!!!! You guys are a beautiful family!-valerie

EdwinsonFamily said...

Cute Cute Cute! She is getting so big, and I need to see her!