Monday, September 15, 2008

Growing up

The past few weeks have been full of more "firsts". The most fun has been the giggle that Sophia is using more and more often -- in response to our laughter, a funny face, tickling her toes, or peek-a-boo. Yesterday while Keith stood on the tub to tape and mud the new walls, I brought Sophia out of her room from a nap. Keith turned around and said hi and Sophia laughed outloud at him. Keith did look a little comical -- and we sure had a good laugh at her reaction. She also now rolls around the living room to get to her destination. Her current favorite is the TV stand filled with electronics. Time to baby proof! And a few times, she has army-crawled to reach her favorite toys. We are constantly amazed at how quickly she seems to be growing up. The first five months passed so quickly!
If you have Facebook, these pictures are nothing new, but here they are anyway.

Our newest skill -- sitting up without assistance -- for a few long seconds.


R and L Farwell said...

She is so adorable! Kenton is doing much of the same things too, other than the army crawl....he is too fat! Grandma Farwell says that Sophia is really liking to stand rather than be held sitting. Is she taking any steps with your assistance?

Beware of the Phog said...

Thanks! She's always preferred to stand -- so she can "see the world" we figured. She doesn't really take any steps, just kind of bounces up and down. :)