Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Time!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we put up our Christmas tree while Sophia took her nap. (Yes, the tree is fake -- sad but true. ) When she awoke we plopped her in front of the tree and she stared, unsure what to think.

But that didn't last long. We put a few "safe" ornaments at the bottom for her to investigate -- and she quickly gave them a thorough inspection.

I think she approved.

The snowman was a hit too.

Since that morning, our coffee table has served as a barrier to the tree.
Every once in awhile she'll stop and stare at the tree -- probably wondering what it's doing in our house -- and then continue on her merry way.
Family Christmas pictures coming soon!

1 comment:

R and L Farwell said...

We too have our coffee table blocking our tree from little hands! Hope to see you all at Christmas!