Friday, August 8, 2008

One year ago...

Sophia is almost four months old! Hard to believe that one year ago I was staring at a positive pregnancy test. It was a Wednesday morning -- it had been a rough week that started with the loss of Rich. I had told Keith earlier in the week that I wouldn't be able to take a pregnancy test until Friday, but I couldn't stand waiting any longer. Before the timer had gone off, a + was clearly visible. As excited as I was, I was a little terrified. I also knew I didn't want to tell Keith over the phone, so I went to school to work on my classroom and distract myself. When Keith got home from work, I told him I had an early birthday present -- he opened it to find a baby t-shirt. Keith asked jokingly if that meant I was pregnant. I couldn't talk so I nodded and Keith said "We are?!" I kept nodding. I know I look forward to telling Sophia someday that she was a source of joy and comfort for us during such a difficult time. She still is.

Keith with his "early birthday present." :)

Great-Grandpa feeding Sophia a bottle.

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Shannon said...

I love that story. She's a special little girl!