Thursday, August 28, 2008

Road Trip!

Last Friday we set off on our first real road trip with a baby! We left bright and early -- 3 am (yawn) and made it past Omaha before Sophia woke up. Both of us were nervous about how Sophia would handle the 12 hour trip, but she was awesome!

A South Dakota (semi)photo story.....

Only an hour or so from our destination we needed out of the car -- so we stopped at the South Dakota landmark .... Wall Drug! Sophia picked out her first souvenir while we walked around -- a furry stuffed buffalo.

When we finally arrived, we visited Keith's grandparents for a bit. The next few nights we stayed in a hotel -- Sophia apparently knew we were not at home -- and woke up every hour and half that first night to remind me. Keith wore earplugs so he could catch up on sleep after driving all day. He asked me in the morning, "how did Sophia do?" Apparently the earplugs worked pretty well. :)

Saturday we had a four generation photo shoot...

And how can you visit Rapid City and not stop by Mt. Rushmore?

Then we took the road behind Rushmore for the profile view...

And Deb took a family picture (yes, that's drool all over my sleeve!)

I knew there was a big drop off behind us during that family photo, but I didn't want to look. So Keith took a picture to show me later. Glad I didn't turn around to look. :)

We continued down that highway until Jan turned off on a side road. We're used to following blindly, so we didn't think much of it, until the road got rougher and the ruts got deeper -- then Keith called his mom. Deb explained it was all Jan's fault, the Garmin said it was a shortcut. We were hoping we weren't going to have to find a way to turn around (we didn't). And then the radio started those weather beeps -- a thunderstorm was on it's way. We made it out alive, though it did feel like something from a horror movie for awhile there.

Our view...

Deb's view of us breaking in the Rendezvous...

And my view of Sophia.

When we finally left the National Forest trail and made it to a highway, Keith told me to snap a picture -- we'd been driving through those trees just a few moments before.

We left Monday morning (bright and early again) and made it home in time for supper. When we walked in the door, I put Sophia in her exersaucer. I've never seen her so excited. She "talked" to her toys for a long time and was so animated. I'm sure she was telling them all about the trip to South Dakota and the blasted car seat and meeting her great grandparents. Great trip, definitely worth it.

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The Farwell's said...

Looks like a fun trip! That would be hard to do with a baby but I bet it was worth it!-Rod and Leighanne